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My Story


I welcome you to my journey and passion. Here at Natural Beginnings, I use the combination of Eastern and Western Nursing techniques for a holistic approach to healthy lifestyles. Through my nursing knowledge and my natural ability to understand the human anatomy through sensory awareness, I educate and guide clients to use their senses to understand their own health and wellness needs. 

Since the age of 5 I have suffered from migraine headaches. This began with an aura, flashing lights and having tunnel vision. I would have to lay in a dark room with a cool rag on my head for 2 days. Being told not to eat processed food and to avoid chocolate at such a young age made for a non-compliant patient.


Growing pains fit my description perfectly. Suffering from the ages of 14-20 years old with hormones constantly fluctuating up and down, took a toll on my social life. I finally found some relief when prescribed birth control. As I got older, I began to listen to my body, I did this to heal myself from the inside out. At age 27, things got worse with a switch to a new birth control. I was struggling to get out of bed and once again I knew my body was not feeling right. It was screaming for a cure, some answers at least! Suffering from many ailments, I knew there was something on a cellular level going on. Doctors were stumped and they would advise me I was “fine”.  That’s when I began to take matters into my own hands.

Its safe to say my health was a yoyo. Feeling well for a period of time and then I would feel like a semi-truck hit me! When I began nursing school I began a Paleo diet and I found a book on epigenetics by a local naturopathic doctor from Seattle. The light! Everything began to makes sense to me on a cellular level and that’s when I was able to piece things together and start to take supplements that were meant for me and my body alone.  

Finally, in May of 2020, I was finally face to face with a doctor that would listen to all my concerns. Even though I had been taking the right supplements for my issues, I still had bouts of low energy that were less severe. I was able to share my hypothesis of my thyroid or nervous system being out of sorts. I asked my doctor kindly, to please order every type of thyroid panel there was, including thyroid antibody testing as I knew SOMETHING had to be going on.


My thyroid antibody results were 5 times the normal limit! I had an autoimmune disorder called Hashimotos Thyroiditis and Celiac Disease. This required that I be on a daily thyroid medication and change my diet to a gluten free, diary free diet. Easy to say but a very hard obstacle to accomplish. No wonder I did well on that Paleo diet!

With this journey, I have educated myself on the best ingredients for special diets and teaching others what supplements, herbs, and foods that are best to heal their bodies.


Since 2013, I have worked with many individuals with similar issues, if not worse. 

So here I welcome you! Many services are available, virtual and personal. I can set up customized plans specific to your body type! Let me help you heal your mind, body and soul.


Book a free consultation today so I can help you along a healing journey! 

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